Monday, March 17, 2014

Spiteful Brewing

I'd like to introduce you to Spiteful Brewing, located in North Center, Chicago, and founded by Brad Shaffer & Jason Klein. Their first commercially licensed release was GFY—a creamy & roasty double stout in December 2012. They are one of, if not thee smallest brewery in Chicago. They brew on a 2.5 beer barrel (bbl) brew house, filling 5 bbl fermentation tanks. The first day they mashed in, they started with 3 tanks; at the time of this writing, they have 7. Moreover, they're preparing to install 5 additional 7 bbl tanks to arrive within the next couple months, doubling their current fermentation capacity.

Prior to their opening, Brad brewed at Pipeworks along side Beejay Oslen, Drew Fox (18th Street) and Scott Coffman. His time there proved advantageous as he learned a good amount before having to apply that expertise to his own brewery. The guys at Spiteful will tell you first-hand how valuable that experience was.

Fast forward to now, Matt and I are working on Kimbell Brewing with similar hopes to go pro, but we lack any note-worthy commercial brewing experience. With Spiteful's success and growth however, Brad & Jason recently offered me the assistant brewer position. So I'm delighted to say that I'm proudly and excitedly joining the team in North Center effective today. Not only do I get to work with friends who've accomplished so much in the last 2 years, but this experience undoubtedly benefits Matt and I's venture, becoming far more valuable than words can say. Now when you purchase a Spiteful beer, you can know that you're also supporting Kimbell a little too.

On to the next chapter!


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